Our Story

Humble Beginnings

A passionate gardener, our Founder, DeLaine had been pulling pesky nettle plants from her Whidbey Island property for years. That is, until one day she discovered nettle tea was traditionally used as an herbal remedy for common ailments. DeLaine soon acquired several dehydrators and started blending dried nettle leaves with other ingredients to make delicious tea for her family. Friends and local markets quickly discovered her blends, encouraging DeLaine to recruit her daughter in building a small business. Our Founder’s Blend, Chamomile Mint, is still the original recipe DeLaine created in the kitchen of her Whidbey Island home.

An Island State of Mind

Whidbey Island is located just 25 miles north of Seattle, Washington.  The Island is quintessential Pacific Northwest beauty, sitting in Puget Sound and surrounded by the Cascade and Olympic mountain ranges.  Surprisingly secluded from the hustle and bustle of Seattle, Whidbey calls us away from the distractions of our hectic schedules.  It entices us to slow down, breathe deeply and unplug from life.  At Whidbey Tea, we believe strongly in the power of getting outdoors to explore and appreciate the world around us.

Our Animal Artwork

In every culture, animals carry special meanings, which we have embraced at Whidbey Tea. We have partnered with world-renowned Native American artist, Marvin E Oliver, to design a totem animal whose meaning is symbolic of the flavor profile and essence of each blend.

Leave it better than you found it

We believe it is our responsibility to protect the planet for future generations. As such, our tea bags and envelopes are 100% biodegradable. Our cartons and gift boxes are made with sustainable materials. Our tins are recyclable, made in the USA and we encourage our customers to reuse their tins through our refill program. As opportunities arise, we will continue to prioritize a reduction in our environmental footprint. Additionally, we are crafting at least one blend that will contribute proceeds to environmental efforts.