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Tacos... Tea... and Tequila!

Here in America we like to celebrate that very north-of-the-border Mexican holiday known as Cinco de Mayo — translated, this simply means the “Fifth of May” and it is a great opportunity to enjoy a festive party with friends and loved ones.  Cinco de Mayo reminds us to appreciate the rich and deep cultural heritage that our people share with Mexico.

What does Cinco de Mayo actually celebrate though? In May, 1862 there was a small, yet determined group of outnumbered farmers and soldiers who fought, and defeated, the well equipped French army in the Mexican state of Puebla. This incredible victory was a boost to their morale, and cause for commemorative celebration. 

These celebrations have risen significantly over the years, and began to increase in national popularity during the 1960’s — some say from a marketing scheme to sell more alcohol. In Los Angeles, where the largest annual Cinco de Mayo festival takes place each year, one can experience parades, music, dancing, crafts, and taste authentic Mexican foods like tacos, enchiladas, tamales, guacamole, and of course Tequila!

Tequila, that sassy Mexican liquor made from agave, is a traditional way to say paaaaartaaaay when it comes to the famous fiesta. Now you might be thinking that I am simply talking about Margaritas here, and while those slushy, adult slurpy beverages certainly come in at a strong favorite for the traditional American Cinco de Mayo party, we are going to mix it up this year and celebrate with our Whidbey’s Green Tea Paloma!

The Paloma is a refreshing and fizzy sweet citrus drink that pairs perfectly with taco night, and despite it playing second fiddle to the margarita here in America, it’s a beverage that is consumed in quantity across our southern border. And can we be honest?… They say that the key to celebrating this festive holiday is having a drink in your hand, a twinkle in your eyes, and laughter in your heart!

Whidbey’s Green Tea Paloma

2 oz. Tequila Blanco

2 oz. Fresh grapefruit juice

1 cup steeped Whidbey’s Jasmine Green Tea

1/2 oz. Lime juice

3 Raspberries

Club Soda

Allow tea to chill.  Muddle your raspberries at the bottom of your shaker.  Add remaining ingredients to shaker.  Garnish your cup with two slices of grapefruit.

Shake, strain, and enjoy!

I love the colorful liveliness of the Mexican fiestas, and Cinco de Mayo is such a great holiday to re-create this festive atmosphere for your own guests at home. Treat those who attend your party with a traditional meal of tacos, enchiladas, tamales, rice, and beans. You can use colorful tablecloths, sombreros, recordings of Mariachi music, and other party favors to add to the decorative theme of the day.  Make sure there are plenty of side dishes and snacks. Some popular items might include chips, salsa, guacamole, guacamole, and, oh did I mention more guacamole? The California Avocado Commission reports that a whole lot of avocado gets purchased just for the Cinco de Mayo festivities — 87 million pounds to be exact, yummy!!   So don’t forget to bring on the avocados!


Enjoy our festive Whidbey’s Green Tea Paloma with your Cinco de Mayo celebrations this year, and let the refreshing taste of this crisp and bubbly grapefruit cocktail lift your spirits and carry you away this spring… just like the butterfly on our Jasmine Green Tea packaging design!

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