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Love is a Cup of Tea

Valentine's day is almost here and what better way to say I love you than a gift of Whidbey’s gourmet specialty blend tea? Why not share a cup of our handcrafted tea with your loved ones while enjoying time together over the phone or on video — thanks to modern technology, we can share these precious moments with each other. Even in these difficult times of Covid-19, we are still able to spend some quality time with family and friends, despite not being physically close.

Each of our custom blended teas has a unique totem animal representing the “soul” of that tea. Find a tea blend that represents your loved one and ask them to be your Valentine!


I Will WALRUS Be Your Friend — Cascara Rose

This delicious blend brings a light coffee flavor to the floral essence of the rose tea. Delicately balanced with the cocoa flavor, it's like sitting down with a box of chocolates while looking at a bouquet of flowers! 

To My FOXY Valentine — Hojicha Chai

Our chai combines the richness of Hojicha, a roasted Japanese green tea, with the bold ingredients of Cardamom, Cinnamon, Ginger, Pepper, and Cloves.

You’re CARIBOU-TIFUL — Cocoa Cascara

This rich blend of cascara, chocolate, orange and cinnamon will surely keep you feeling centered.

You Give My Heart BUTTERFLIES — Jasmine Green

A delicately floral green tea that will make you feel renewed and fresh. 

Your love drives me CRANE-Z — Herbal Roots

An herbal healing blend of ginger, turmeric, licorice, and black pepper. The crane represents a long life of prosperity and good health!

OWL Be Your Valentine — Chamomile Mint

The perfect balance of chamomile, spearmint, and lemon in our original nettle-based blend will refresh your senses and calm your mind.

Another fun way to celebrate Valentine’s with your loved ones is to prepare an elegant high tea party - you could even do it virtual! There is just something so very romantic about drinking gourmet tea in a delicate china tea cup, while enjoying tasty scones with fresh cream and jam! Set your table with some pretty cups and saucers, a few nibbles, and a variety of teapots for each flavor of tea. Label each pot with charming Valentine’s sayings, and don’t forget the sugar to make the day extra sweet!

You’re OTTER-ly Amazing! English Breakfast
Our traditional classic blend is a must have to create the proper mood for your Otter-ly amazing tea party!

You’re My MANE Friend Russian Earl Grey 

A twist on traditional Earl Grey with hints of citrus will awaken your senses and provide the energy you need for a busy day.

I Can’t BEAR To Be Without You — Spiced Rooibos

This invigorating blend of Red Rooibos, Orange peel, Cloves, Cinnamon, Licorice, Lemon peel, and natural orange spice flavor is the perfect caffeine-free pick-me-up.

WHALE You Be Mine - Mango Oolong

Our fruit forward Oolong tea contains Sechung Oolong, Mango pieces, and Mango peach flavor.

Whether you’re looking to send a playful Valentine message or a romantic one, tea is a beautiful and heartwarming way to express your sentiments. Show your appreciation to those you love with a handwritten note and a Whidbey Tea EGift card!

Pour a cup of love this weekend and enjoy Valentine’s Day!


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