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Holiday Deserts & Tea Cocktails

The holiday season is quickly approaching and that could mean only two things.. we are about to eat A LOT of food and spend A LOT of time with family, which means we will all be wanting a cocktail or two! Luckily, we have paired up dessert and tea cocktail recipes that are a must for family gatherings! Now for those of you ready to hit the back button on your screen in utter disgust when you think about eating pie with some type of alcohol/tea concoction -- just hear me out. Choosing the right pie and cocktail is extremely important to having a tasteful experience!

Jasmine Blossom

For those of you who love celebrating Thanksgiving and Christmas with a little bubble in your glass, I recommend the Jasmine Blossom cocktail. The crisp sweet taste of the Prosecco mixed with the Jasmine Green Tea adds a delicate flavor to the champagne leaving you feeling refreshed, something we all need after the food coma. We pair this delicious cocktail with a slice of classic cheesecake! If you enjoy the taste of some type of berry like raspberries or cherries you can always top your cheesecake with them to add a little extra flavor. Are you getting hungry yet?


Maple Old Fashion

For our fruit lovers I recommend pairing the Maple Old Fashion with a coconut pie. This cocktail is constructed with bourbon and our Mango Oolong tea which is made with Sechung Oolong, Mango pieces, and Mango Peach flavor. Between the fruity taste and the bite from the bourbon, the taste of the coconut is delectable! The buttery animal cracker crust just really adds to the flavor when consuming both together. Okay, now I know you all took notes on that one!


Boozy English Breakfast Tea

Next on the list is for those who enjoy a nice classic breakfast tea! The Boozy English Breakfast Tea is a cocktail made up of Whidbey’s English Breakfast Tea and Gin. The Assam black tea pairs perfectly with gin.  Gin and apples are a great companion so it only makes sense that an apple pie would be the number one choice. Just think about the flakey outside crust of a warm apple pie and the smooth taste of a nice gin. Nothing screams holiday eating like these two! 

Whidbey’s Whisk-tea

Lastly, one for our whiskey lovers! The Whidbey’s Whisk-tea is a cocktail that you must try with a peach pie. The combination of flavor from the fresh squeeze of lemon juice, peach pie, whiskey and Whidbey’s Chamomile Mint tea is out of this world! The sweet flavor of the chamomile compliments the fruit taste from the peaches. Make sure you choose a recipe though that has the lattice on top  because all that extra crust flavor really adds to the taste. 


With that being said my stomach is officially rumbling and ready for the holiday’s! I hope you have all chosen which tea cocktail and pie you will be eating this holiday season because I know I have. Whether you love whiskey, gin, or champagne, there’s always room for you and your pie at the table. I hope you all take my advice on not steering off the beaten path (and by that I mean following my pairing advice) and have a happy holiday season! 


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