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Cocoa Cascara - Superfood Meets Tea!

As the days begin to grow shorter and with the holidays right around the corner, we know fall is here! I always enjoy welcoming the season with a nice cozy cup of tea. When the ground begins to disappear beneath orange and yellow leaves and the temperature drops, our body craves warmth and I have just the solution. Our Coco Cascara is a delectable blend that is a MUST have for those cool crisp mornings. This flavorful blend of cascara coffee cherry, chocolate, orange, and cinnamon will surely set the mood for all things FALL!

On our last trip to visit my tea master, he introduced me to an ingredient called cascara, also known as a coffee cherry.  There are almost no tea companies using cascara.  I was so intrigued!  So, we began the cupping process - similar to a wine tasting - blending cascara with lots of other ingredients.  Some were too sweet and others that were just okay.  When we sipped the cascara with chocolate and orange, it just hit the spot!  It reminded me of those chocolate orange balls that you get at Christmas time, like orange chocolate in a cup.  Yes please!

By now you have to be wondering what a coffee cherry is, and if this tea has more of a coffee taste or cherry.  Well, there is absolutely no cherry taste.  The only reason it is called a cherry, is because it looks like one!  Cascara is the fruit surrounding a coffee bean and is extremely healthy, having more iron than fresh spinach and more protein than fresh kale! Cascara is equal to the antioxidant power of blueberries and has major nutrients including potassium, magnesium, and plant protein. The smell of the cascara has a strong coffee essence, but without the caffeine jolt.  The flavor of this tea is definitely one of our more bold flavors. 

Our Cocoa Cascara is a family friendly tea, perfect to curl up in front of the fireplace and wind down for the evening being that it is naturally low in caffeine.  With the chocolate, it is a perfect after dinner tea - satisfying your sweet tooth in the healthiest of ways!  It is also an excellent choice as an intro tea to our everyday coffee drinkers given the cascara flavor.  

It is safe to say that our Coco Cascara is our most creative, off-the-beaten-path type of blend. Because of how rich the flavor profile is, it has always struck me as a holiday drink. When I drink this tea, it takes me back to waking up on Christmas morning, snow outside, feeling the coziness of a warm fire, sifting through my stocking, only to find the chocolate orange that I would get every year.  For all my holiday lovers, this is THE blend for you!  I hope to hear that many of you spent this year's holiday with a cup of Coco Cascara in hand. 

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